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HR Master: Human Resource management

HR Master is a comprehensive web-based HR management solution which focuses on effective and efficient way to manage an organization's most valuable assets, its EMPLOYEES. HR Master is real-time, multiuser system, facilitating the management of human resources throughout the organization in a distributed fashion.


Time Master: Time Attendance System

Packed with exhaustive features and industry standard modules, Time Master is a comprehensive Time & Attendence system that adapts to any industry vertical of all size while upholding organisation's interest.


Pay Master: Payroll Management System

A sophisticated and compreshensive software, Paymaster is designed to suit the need of HR and Finance professionals across small, medium and large size organizations.

Developed with the latest technology, Paymaster is powerful and yet so easy to use that it makes payroll processing a simple job that can be performed in-house.


People Identification

Identify and verify your staff, employee, supplier or anyone required to make sure that you are dealing with the correct person for any transaction that you are doing.In today’s industries when a company has got a high number of employees and people entering in and out of the company premises, fraud is very rampant and having a control over various scenarios of working with a genuine person is of utmost importance to avoid loses.


Canteen Management

Many organizations provide canteen facility to its employees, but proper management of meals per employee is a cumbersome task. Our Canteen Master provides a user friendly system that facilitates quick and efficient operation to cover larger section of employees or students for an organization. The software also provides paperless and cashless transaction solution and also has network based solutions to operate multiple counters simultaneously in a closed environment.


Smart Asset: Asset Management System

SmartAsset provides finance professionals and management decision-makers with the facility to record both fixed and portable items, allowing detailed information to be stored against each asset.



Smart Retail is a state-of-the-art system that enables retailers to improve their profitability through swift POS tendering, accurate inventory management, continual operations, holistic reports & analysis with an ideal combination of customisation, functionality and controls.


Weigh Master: Your reliable, customizable, cost-effective and secure weighing software.

Weigh Master is a weighing and computing system with extensive data extraction, collection and processing functions. This solution is designed to help you to manage and track the critical information created at the time of weighing and label products in an easy and flexible manner.


Access Master: Access Control System

Bitplus’s AccessMaster provides an innovative and superior access control solution that enables organizations to protect and control, assets, properties, operations and information.


Enquest: ERP Software

EnQuest ERP is a cost-effective solution suitable for medium to large businesses. A management system that would be both affordable and minimize recurring costs, EnQuest ERP offers complete visibility into all the important processes, across various departments of organizations. Microsoft's SQL server database ensures data integrity and maintains all your data in one central database.


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